Altamont Capital Management

    Financial Planning

    A comprehensive financial planning approach is a consistent theme in all of our client relationships.  For some clients, it is appropriate to develop a formal, documented financial plan to serve as a guide for financial decisions.  This process is typically offered as part of an existing investment advisory client relationship.  We also offer this process to clients who have their investments held outside of Altamont, but want our help with objective feedback. 

    Our written financial plans are intended to help our clients achieve their financial goals while avoiding pitfalls and taking the least amount of risk possible.  The process has four steps:

    1.      Gather client financial data (net worth statement, tax returns, etc.)

    2.      Document client goals.  This could include target retirement date, funding children’s education, and other


    3.      Determine probability of success based on client goals and the resources available to fund those goals. 

    4.      Advise on possible options to achieve goals.

    The end result of our written plans is a financial “road map” that enables the client to clearly understand the steps that must be taken in order to achieve their financial goals.  The process also enables Altamont to make well informed, suitable recommendations to the client.