Altamont Capital Management


    At Altamont Capital Management, we always put the client first.  We want to take the time to understand not just the financial facts and figures, but also the personal story behind the numbers.  Each client’s background and financial situation is unique, therefore our solutions are customized to meet specific needs.  We utilize a comprehensive financial planning approach and help clients consider how the component parts of their financial picture fit together.  We consider many different factors including retirement income, investments, taxes, risk management, and estate planning.  Our objective is to help clients achieve their financial goals while reducing risk and volatility.

    One of the many things that sets Altamont apart is that we typically work as a team with the client’s CPA to provide depth and breadth to our advisory process.  In many cases, the CPA works for our partner firm, Gould Killian CPA Group, and Altamont is able to seamlessly integrate financial planning, investment management, and tax planning all under one roof.  We have also established long-term relationships with other outside advisors throughout Western North Carolina, including attorneys, insurance agents, and bankers. These additional advisors work with us to ensure financial planning strategies are implemented properly.