Altamont Capital Management


    Altamont Capital Management was formed in 2001 by the partners of Gould Killian CPA Group, P.A.  The objective was to help Gould Killian clients with a variety of financial needs beyond the traditional accounting and consulting services.  This structure not only allowed the CPA to develop client financial strategies, but also to implement the recommendations in-house through Altamont. 

    Over the last 15+ years, clients have realized the value of having their CPA and wealth manager work together seamlessly as part of the same team.  Altamont has grown to approximately $130 million in assets under management and continues to work closely with Gould Killian to help implement financial strategies.  Our service offering has grown over time as well.

    We offer investment management services for individuals, institutions, and qualified retirement plans.  In addition, we offer a comprehensive financial planning service that develops a financial “road map” for clients to make informed decisions regarding retirement, wealth transfer, education, and health care.  We also provide insurance consulting services where there is a need for employer provided health coverage or for individuals who need life insurance. 

    Our business has evolved to include both Gould Killian CPA Group clients as well as direct clients who have CPA services provided elsewhere.  We are here for clients when they have a genuine financial need and either don’t have a trusted financial advisor or feel comfortable handling matters on their own.